Soriano's Family of Caterers
Soriano's Family of Caterers 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I hold a room?

Yes, a 48 hour room hold can be made until a decision has been met. This could be used to secure the space until a deposit and cotract can be signed. However, a room will be given to the first client to finish a deposit and contract.


2. How soon before my event can I access my room?

By contract the host can access the space a half hour prior to guest time. Musicians and Florists in most situations can have access one hour prior to guest time. 


3. Does Soriano's provide fresh flowers for the guest tables?

Soriano's provides silk center pieces for each guest table. You may also order and bring in your own center pieces.


4. Can I bring my own beer, wine, or food to my event?

No! Madeline's on Vosseller obtains their own liquor license and it is against the law to bring in outside alochol to the venu. Soriano's Parkside does not have a liquor license but the HOST of the party is only permited to bring in alcohol only when prearranged with a sales associate. Alcohol is NEVER permitted to be brought into the facility on the day of an event. If you have additional questions, please call and ask a sales associate. 

5. Do you charge for children?

Yes. Children between the ages of 2-10 are charged half the price of an adult. Children that are the ages between 11-20 are only charged for food and soft drinks, they will not be charged for the bar.


6. Do you use MSG or Peanut Oil?

We do not use any of these products as an ingredient. Although, they may be in a product that we purchase. If you have anybody in your party with allergies or extreme diet needs please consult our sales staff so we can arrange accommodations for your guest prior to the day of your event. Special accomodations cannot be made the day of the event.


7. When is the last day I can give Soriano's my final count?

We will take a final minimum count and payment the Monday prior to your event. From that point on you can always increase your numbers but you cannot decrease your numbers. The last day to insure proper staffing and food would be 2 buisness days prior to your event.


8. When do I pay for my party?

Once the deposit is recieved we do not require any payment until the Monday prior your party. If an addition to the head count occurs after your final payment, any and all open balences will be paid at the conclusion of the event. All balances must be paid by the conclsuion of the event.


9. Do I get to bring my left-overs home?

Soriano's has a policy that serving a dish should never be empty for the last guest. Because of this policy extra food is provided as a cushion and therefore belongs to Soriano's. However, if there are guests that are paid for and are unable to attend food can be sent home for no additional charge.


10. If my awards ceramony runs late do I have to pay extra?

Yes. If you have any indication that your event will run late please let us know as soon as possible. If extra cost is needed, the cost is $1.00 per person per extra half hour plus tax and gratuity. This may be additional if there are bar arrangements.

11. When do I need to have my menu selection made by?

We require 3-4 weeks prior to your event. Final details must be made 2 weeks prior to your event.


12. Who from Soriano's is in charge of my event?

Every event is executed with a staff member that is in charge of your party. In the event of a Wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah a Matre'd is in charge of your event to ensure proper flow of all the details. We would be happy to provide a Matre'd for any event for a $150 fee.

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